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Discover Our New Product Packaging Design | Ding Dong Dim Sum


Our Fancy-Schmancy New Packaging

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We’ve been excited about this for a while and in early October, we were finally ready to launch our brand new packaging across the entire range.

Since our inception, we’ve always endeavoured to make our packaging as eco-friendly as possible. Every element of a Ding Dong delivery is recyclable and obviously you’re going to eat all the food too, so there’s no food waste there! 

Our dim sum is now presented in a recyclable tray which is made from 85% recycled materials, and sealed with a recyclable film. We’ve done away with the instruction leaflets and printed everything you need to know on the cardboard biodegradable sleeve, and by gosh, does it look good!

Discover Our New Product Packaging Design | Ding Dong Dim Sum

As always, the boxes of frozen dim sum will be wrapped in our wool-lined thermo bags and surrounded by wrapped dry ice, to ensure your order arrives frozen and ready to pop in the freezer. The thermo bags have an outer bag which is recyclable at home and the wool can be used in your compost for the garden, to make all your flowers bloom superbly in the spring. Failing that, pop it in your household compost bin. Regardless, this wool will completely have composted in 6-12 months. Pretty amazing. The dry ice evaporates over time (it’s very cool to watch) and once it has completely disappeared, you can pop the wrapper in with the rest of your recycling.

It feels like now is a good time to mention that the steamer we worked so hard to develop is completely biodegradable too. We send it out with our set collection boxes as it’s an essential piece of kit, but you can also order one separately if you’re opting for a ‘build-your-own box’ collection of our individual dim sum or our party pouches. Strong enough to withstand a few sessions on top of a pan of bubbling water and then, it folds up nicely next to the rest of the cardboard you’re putting out each Tuesday/Wednesday morning. But if you want to be a true dim sum devotee, then you should probably get one of our bamboo steamers. Looks authentic and will last a very long while. 

The dipping sauces also come in recyclable-plastic pots, (but they don’t have to be thrown away, you can re-use these heaps of times) or you can buy the dipping set collection presented in beautiful glass bottles. Great gift idea right there. 

Basically, all of the information you’ve just learned should make you extra happy whilst you’re devouring your next meal of dumplings, steamed buns and gyoza. 

That’s it for now Hungry Dumplings. Much Love. X

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