The Steamer - Ding Dong Dim Sum

We at Ding Dong want to make it easy for all you Hungry Dumplings out there. We felt that one of the barriers to eating dim sum every week is the steamer situation.

Not everyone has a lovely bamboo steamer in their kitchen, or the space even if they did want one! So we developed our very own biodegradable steamer to send out with our set boxes.     The Steamer - Ding Dong Dim Sum 

Attention, seasoned dim sum lovers! If you find yourself eagerly awaiting your next dim sum feast week after week, we have the perfect companion for your culinary adventures. Introducing the Ding Dong Dim Sum Bamboo Steamer—not just a tool, but an emblem of tradition, with our signature touch. We offer you our very own Ding Dong Dim Sum Bamboo steamer, with the Hungry Dumpling etched onto the side, starting from only £19.99.