In our experience FAQ pages never seem to be the questions people actually want answers to, so we'll do our best not to fit in with that crowd, although it turns out FAQs are harder than the seem.

If your question is completely obscure, then maybe get in touch here.


Q: What's the use by date of my food.

A: The frozen bits we would recommend eating within three weeks, providing it's been kept in the freezer. Anything else you should try and eat within three days.

Q: What are the delivery timelines?

A: We deliver on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and you'll need to enter which day and date you want on the checkout page. If you order before 11:30am and you want it asap then we will dispatch it the next day for delivery the following day. 

Q: How much does delivery cost?

A: Delivery costs a very reasonable £4.50.

Q: What happens if I'm not home when my dim sum turns up?
A: The dry ice and wool insulation will keep it at the right temperature for a good while, so it will be okay sitting on your doorstep till you get back at the end of the day, however once you're home, get it in the freezer asap.


Q: Do I need to defrost my dim sum?

A: No, you don’t. Being frozen helps those little parcels of joy keep their shape and structure, so cook straight from frozen.