How it works


We deliver prepared uncooked dim sum directly to your door.

Select one of our dim sum boxes before 12pm and we will deliver it the following day or a nominated day of your choice. The boxes contain either two, four or six meals and each order comes with a selection of dips, tasty garnishes and one of our eco-friendly disposable steamers.



We at Ding Dong want to make it easy for all you Hungry Dumplings out there. We felt that one of the barriers to eating dim sum every week is the steamer situation. Not everyone has a lovely bamboo steamer in their kitchen, or the space even if they did want one! So we developed our very own biodegradable steamer to send out with each order, to make it extra easy for those that were dipping their toes into the tasty dim sum water (that actually doesn't sound that tasty, scrap that, you get what we mean).  

For those more seasoned dim sum aficionados, who know that they'll be tucking into dim sum every week, we offer you our very own Ding Dong Dim Sum Bamboo steamer, with the Hungry Dumpling etched onto the side, for only  £15.


Everything you need for an easy dim sum feast at home. We’ve made it easy for all you Hungry Dumplings out there and put together a box of dumplings, gyoza, sui mai, bao buns, sticky rice, salad and dips to fill those belly’s of yours. Plus, a super easy biodegradable steamer, so all you need is a saucepan, some boiling water and a big appetite. 


We deliver pretty much across the UK (not Northern Ireland or the outer Hebrides unfortunately, sorry guys!), and if you get your order in before midday then we’ll get your dim sum box out to you Hungry Dumplings the very  next day.
Delivery is via Hermes and will be between 9-6. If you’re not in we will leave it on the door step or in a safe place that you’ve told us about. Our packing will keep it nice and cold inside.


It took us a while to figure out exactly how we got a box of frozen dim sum to you but we cracked it eventually. The box is lined with nature's great insulator, wool and we place the coldest thing we could find inside, dry ice. Although dry ice is regularly used in this way, you do need to be careful when opening your box and wear gloves to handle the dry ice. 


Frozen is definitely the winner for some things - ice cream, peas, fish fingers and as it turns out, dim sum! Quality is locked in, it helps reduce food wastage and it allows our Hungry Dumplings to stock up and keep some dim sum for a rainy day. No need to defrost, you can steam these babies straight from frozen. 


We love dim sum and we think it belongs in the homes of more people in UK on a more regular basis. Dim sum is special, but not so special it can’t be eaten every week! We’ve put together a great mix of dim sum meals that are suitable for everyone to enjoy and hopefully have made it as easy as possible.