Physical Gift Card


You're going to be the most popular person at birthdays and Xmas, good job! 

Get your friends and family the best gift in the whole world - a Ding Dong Dim Sum gift voucher!

This year, as we've added so many additional products to our offering, we've decided to offer 5 different denominations of gift card. This way, your amazing friend/relative/spouse/frenemy, can order whatever they want, and not be restricted to a box alone. Choose £20/£39/£59/£75/£100 from the drop down menu below.


  • As this is a physical card, enter the address you'd like this sent to at checkout and as long as it's not being ordered with any of our other items that require shipping, we'll pop it in the post with Royal Mail.
  • We dispatch cards twice a week on a Monday and a Thursday on a First Class delivery service.
  • Please note that you will be asked for a delivery date at checkout...if you're ordering the gift card on it's own then ignore this! Just choose any date to get past the checkout page.
  • Your recipient will of course choose the date they receive their actual dim sum. 

Fancy a little more? Why not check out our Gifting Bundles for what else we have to offer!

**Discount codes don't apply to gift cards unfortunately, sorry!


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