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*Limited Edition* Legends Bundle - Dim Sum Only

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The perfect dim sum feast for the hungry dumpling!

Enough for two people, serving as two meals...a dim sum dinner and a dumpling and noodles meal; this bundle could also double up as a mini dinner party for four! 

Each bundle contains:

  • 1x dim sum box for 2 - rice, dips, chopsticks & carrot slaw kit included. 
  • 1 x Daily Dumplings pouch for 2. 
  • The choice of any one selected individual dim sum portion.
  • Choose to include our biodegradable steamer or if you have a steamer already - opt for our dim sum only option.

This bundle contains:

  • 1x Ding Dong Legends dim sum box for 2 - rice, dips, & carrot slaw kit included 
  • 1 x Lamb Daily Dumplings pouch for 2 
  • The choice of either of our selected individual dim sum portions
Ding Dong Legends dim sum set box for 2

Char siu bun (1) The classic salty and sweet pork sat inside a beautifully fluffy bun.

Spicy Chicken Bun (1) Chicken thighs in a spicy marinade, all wrapped up in a fluffy bun. The perfect treat for your dim sum table. Yum yum yum.

Prawn Japanese Gyoza (4) These are some of our favorites - minced, delicious prawns wrapped in a crispy gyoza skin.

Chicken and vegetable Japanese gyoza (4) Minced chicken and mixed vegetable filling inside a crispy pastry. 

Pork xiaolongbao (soup dumplings) (4) These delicate little beauties are filled with a tasty pork soup - seriously tasty.

Chicken, leek and sweetcorn dumplings (4) These are our new favorites - tasty chicken, a bit of leek and sweet sweet sweetcorn. It's another legend. 

Red Chicken and Chinese Leaf Dumplings (4) Beautiful little dumplings filled with chicken and chinese leaf with a beetroot tinted skin.

Carrot slaw kit This is a DIY bit - everything you need to make the perfect Ding Dong slaw. A carrot and our famous slaw tang. Edamame beans are included for the slaw too, or have them as a tasty little pre starter!

Sticky rice As it says...sticky rice!

Lamb Daily Dumplings

These sumptious bowls of goodness have been perfectly crafted to deliver an easy, tasty meal for 2, no hassle, no fuss, maximum enjoyment.

Each pack contains Noodles, 14 Lamb & Carrot Dumplings, Seaweed, Carrot, Edamame beans and a Ding Dong speciality sauce that perfectly compliments the dumplings.

For the Lamb, we've created a divine chilli, soy and cumin sauce that is simply ridiculously flavourful. The perfect amount for 2 to share. Store in the freezer until it's time for lunch!

All you need is a pan of boiling steamer required! Ready in less than 10 minutes.

Individual Dim Sum Portion

Choose between either of the below individual dim sum options:

Char Siu Buns (x2) The classic salty and sweet pork sat inside a beautifully fluffy bun

Pork and chive Japanese Gyoza (x4) Deliciously tasty - crispy parcels on the outside with a gorgeous mince pork filling

Har Kau (x4) A plump mound of a dumpling hiding a whole prawn wrapped in a thin, crystal skin. Delicate and delicious!

 Nutritional and allergen information can be found here.

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*Limited Edition* Legends Bundle - Dim Sum Only
*Limited Edition* Legends Bundle - Dim Sum Only Sale price£47.50