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*Dumpling Bowls & Voucher Bundle

Sale price£59.95

What's included? All of these amazing things:

  • Our brand new dumpling bowl set & gift box
  • A physical gift voucher for a dim sum box of their choice 
  • Voucher amount covers all priced boxes as well as the recipients shipping costs
  • A clear message that you love / like / know them as this is an amazing gift!


  • Choose a Bundle for Two or for Four.
  • Simply add to cart and input the address of your loved one along with the date you want the gift delivered. Simples!
  • Don't forget to add a gift note.
  • We'll send the dumpling bowl set and voucher directly to them! What a lovely treat!
  • They can then go onto the website whenever they're ready and select which box they want and which day they want it. Easy!

If you want us to send it to you so you can hand it over, then just input your details.

Please note, this voucher is a physical one. We will not automatically send you an e-voucher but if you'd like us to, just let us know!

If you'd like to add our delicious Slaw Tang, you can add it to your Bundle here for a discounted price. Or find it standing proudly on it's own on our gifting page! 

*We also offer our bowls as a set on their own, if you want to add them to your collection outside of the voucher bundle.

*Bundle for 2: Dumpling bowl set & £45 gift card / Bundle for 4: Dumpling bowl set & £75 gift card

Bundle Size:

Bundle Size

Give me Slaw Tang?:

Give me Slaw Tang?

*Dumpling Bowls & Voucher Bundle
*Dumpling Bowls & Voucher Bundle Sale price£59.95