Christmas Ding Dong Feast - Ding Dong Dim Sum

Ding Dong Merrily On High!! ‘This is the season for eating, drinking, and just being merry.

Picture this: the tree is up, the table is laid, and you’ve got the beers, fizz, and cocktails on ice. What are you serving for food? 

Whether it’s your Christmas Film Night, Date Night, Brunch with the Girls, Someone’s Birthday (because birthdays at Christmas matter too), or any other reason you’ve got people coming over for New Year's Eve, we’ve come up with a superbly colorful feast that will satisfy even the hungriest of dumplings.

Christmas Feast: Celebrate with Joy – Ding Dong Dim Sum


Including the chicken and pumpkin dumplings in this meal not only brightens up the table but also gives you added snuggly-ness inside when you’re eating. We’ve also chosen the Christmas Box, as it’s a limited edition one, but you can pick any two boxes you like.

If you’re a frequent flyer with Ding Dong Dim Sum, you may already have your steamer and dips, in which case, just order Dim Sum Only. Finally, we’ve added some perfect Daily Dumplings. The beauty of this pouch is that it doesn’t just serve as a meal for two, it doubles up as dumplings and a side of noodles!

To make this Christmas Feast for 6 people, you’ll need:

2 x Daily Dumpling pouches of your choice

1x Pouch of Chicken and Pumpkin Dumplings

1x Christmas Box

1x Box of choice

Instructions (sort of):

1.) Take out the noodles from the Daily Dumplings Pouches and pop them into a pan with some boiling water. Put the dumplings into the steamer with everything else you’re steaming.

2.) Steam all your dumpling buns and gyoza, following our instructions. This may take some coordination and planning, but we recommend getting your Gyoza Chicken and Pumpkin Dumplings in first so you can fry them all off.

3.) Cook the noodles according to the instructions, add the veg, and then simmer the noodles in the broth before serving.

4.) Pick lots of pretty bowls to serve everything in and then get stuck in with chopsticks, forks, or fingers.

And that’s it! That’s all there is to it.* All that’s left to say is:

Enjoy, Happy Christmas and Much Love. X

*Or just buy a Dinner party kit for 6!