Host the Perfect Dinner Party with a Dim Sum Party Kit

We know you're busy juggling a million things right now, from clearing up never-ending wrapping paper to making sure everyone has enough to drink and eat. So, when it comes to hosting your family dinner party, we understand if the thought of slaving away in the kitchen isn't exactly appealing. But fear not, Ding Dong Dim Sum is here to save the day (and your sanity)!

Our dinner party kits are the secret weapon you need to host a dinner party that's more 'oohs' and 'aahs' and less 'oh no's. Packed with a variety of our delicious, ready-to-steam-to-perfection dim sum, these kits are the answer to your 'what to serve?' dilemma.

The Art of Dim Sum Making Kit

With the Ding Dong Dim Sum Making Kit, unleash your inner chef without the stress. Our kits are designed to guide you through the process of creating authentic Chinese dim sum at home, turning your dinner party into an interactive experience.

Hosting a Memorable Dim Sum Party

A Dim Sum Party isn't just about the food; it's about creating moments. Whether it's a first birthday, a baby shower, or just a get-together with friends, our Dinner Party Kit for Two or more makes it easy to serve guests on special occasions.

Special Occasions Deserve Ding Dong Dim Sum

Celebrate with a gift card from Ding Dong Dim Sum. Ideal for those who cherish Chinese cooking, it's a thoughtful way to share joy, whether it's for a date night or a bao baby shower. Our eco-friendly approach ensures that every celebration is not only delightful but also kind to the planet.

The Joy of Dumplings in Every Bite

Dumplings are not just a dish; they're a celebration of flavor and tradition wrapped in a small, steamed bundle of joy. At Ding Dong Dim Sum, we believe that dumplings are the heart and soul of any dinner party. Whether you're savoring a succulent shrimp har gow or biting into a savory siu mai, each dumpling tells a story of centuries-old culinary art.

Our dinner party kits elevate the humble dumpling into the centerpiece of your gathering. With everything you need to steam them to perfection, including a bamboo steamer, you'll find joy in both making and serving these delightful treats. Plus, with our easy-to-follow instructions, you can ensure each dumpling is a bite of bliss.

Customer Reviews: The Proof Is in the Pudding

Hear from our satisfied customers in the customer reviews section. Their stories of joyous gatherings and delicious dim sum are what drive us to continue delivering excellence.

Our Dinner Party Kits are not just about convenience; they're about giving you the freedom to enjoy your own party. So, next time you're playing host, remember, Ding Dong Dim Sum has got you covered.

Here's to less stress, more fun, and a whole lot of delicious dim sum. Happy hosting!