The Art of Steaming with a Bamboo Steamer: How Ding Dong Dim Sum Perfects Each Dumpling

Ever wondered why each bite of our dim sum feels like a little piece of heaven? Well, it's not just the quality ingredients or the love we put into each dumpling (though those certainly help). The real secret lies in the art of steaming.

At Ding Dong Dim Sum, we've perfected this ancient cooking technique to bring you the tastiest, healthiest dim sum around. Steaming is a delicate dance, a balance of time and temperature that, when done right, results in a dumpling that's perfectly cooked, bursting with flavor, and oh-so-juicy.

How It Works

It's not just about taste. Steaming also locks in the nutrients, making our dim sum a guilt-free indulgence (almost!). So, you can satisfy your cravings without derailing your health goals. It's a win-win!

When placed over a pan of bubbling, boiling water, the steamer, with holes at its base, allows steam to rise up and contains it using the closed lid. The steam travels around the steamer, carrying heat to the dumplings to cook them gently, without taking away any of the goodness.

The Steamers

We offer two different types of steamers; our specially created biodegradable steamer that comes with one of our set boxes, and our engraved bamboo steamer.

The biodegradable steamer set consists of two steamer baskets, a stabilizer, and both lids that you need. It can be used to cook all of your dim sum in your box and then thrown straight into your household compost bin or composted directly in your garden.

Our bamboo steamer comes in two sizes depending on how many people you're cooking for. A traditional cooking method, the bamboo steamer needs a quick oiling up so that the dim sum doesn't stick, but once it's sitting on top of a pan of boiling water, the steam weaves its way through the bamboo strips to perfectly cook each dumpling, gyoza, or bun.

Mastering the Art of Steaming with a Bamboo Steamer

Preparing Your Steamer

Before you start, ensure your bamboo steamer fits snugly over your wok or pot filled with simmering water. The fit is crucial to prevent steam from escaping. If using a bamboo steamer for the first time, soak it in warm water to make the bamboo more pliable and prevent scorching.

The Right Way to Use a Bamboo Steamer

  1. Lining the Basket: Line the steamer basket with cabbage leaves, parchment paper, or specifically designed paper liners to prevent sticking. This also adds an extra layer of flavor to your dim sum.
  2. Stacking Your Baskets: Bamboo steamers can be stacked, allowing you to cook multiple tiers of dim sum simultaneously. Just remember to rotate the baskets halfway through to ensure even cooking.
  3. Water Level and Boiling: Keep the boiling water at a level where it won't touch the bottom of the steamer. A gentle simmer is all you need to create a steady stream of steam.

3 Ways to Elevate Your Steaming Experience

  • Experiment with Liners: Besides parchment paper, try using lettuce leaves or even thinly sliced vegetables as a liner. They'll impart a subtle flavor to your dim sum.
  • Maintain Moisture: To keep your dumplings from drying out, ensure the lid is always covered with a cloth to absorb condensation. This little trick keeps the moisture directed back into your dim sum, not dripping onto it.
  • Air Dry After Use: After steaming, allow your bamboo steamer to air dry completely before storing. This prevents mold growth and extends the life of your steamer.



So, next time you bite into one of our dumplings, take a moment to appreciate the art of steaming. It's the secret ingredient that makes Ding Dong Dim Sum so irresistibly good.

Here's to delicious, healthy, and perfectly steamed dim sum.

Much Love. X