Just How Many Calories Are in Our Dim Sum?

We know everyone should be living a balanced and healthy lifestyle, but that doesn't mean you have to miss out on the deliciousness of dim sum!

We've had lots of requests for the calorie content for each of our boxes, so we thought we'd give you a quick, at-a-glance guide below. 

We've included a serving of rice, beans and all the dips in our totals below, because, it just makes sense to eat ALL of your half of the box right? Each serving of rice, beans and dips equates to about 170 kcal so you can take these off if you really need to. 

Calories below are based on a two-person box and a shown per serving (half a box.)

Ding Dong Favourites (781 cal per serving):

Our Ding Dong Favourites are a crowd-pleaser, and you'll be pleased to know that they come in at 781 calories per serving. From the Char Sui Buns to the succulent Har Kau, these favourites won't break your calorie bank.

Legends (725 kcal per serving):

A colourful collection of all our dim sum that has stood the test of time, xiaolongbao, buns, gyoza and dumplings... Our legendary box that comes in at a modest 725 kcal per person. 

Ding Dong Celebrations (793 kcal per serving):

When it's time to celebrate, our Ding Dong Celebrations won't disappoint. With a calorie count of 793 per serving, it's got the most calories of all of our boxes, but hey, it is treat night after all. 

Pescatarian (698 kcal per serving) 

Next to the vegan option, Pescatarian is the next healthiest box on the block. Enjoy a perfectly balanced meal of fish and veggies for just 698 calories.

Surf and Turf (709 kcal per serving):

Where food from the sea meets food from the ground; our popular Surf and Turf box at 709 calories means your treat night can be (almost) guilt-free! 

Just Meat (776 kcal per serving):

Indulge in the meatiest of feasts with Just Meat, coming in at a respectful 776 kcal, this box is well worth it. 

Premium Vegan (618 kcal per serving):

For our vegan friends, we've got you covered with our Premium Vegan dim sum. With a calorie count of 618 per serving, you can savor the flavors of our plant-based offerings guilt-free.


So, now you know just how many calories are in our dim sum.

With options ranging from Ding Dong Favourites to Premium Vegan, you can enjoy your favourite dim sum without compromising your calorie-conscious lifestyle.

Remember, balance is key, and with Ding Dong Dim Sum, you can have your dim sum and eat it too!

Much Love. X