BLOG: Make Staying In, Like Going Out

Going out to eat for a birthday, anniversary or getting a promotion at work is definitely exciting, but recently, celebrating special occasions at home has become popular.

While the thought of crowded restaurants and bustling dining scenes still lingers, there's something oddly satisfying about turning your home into culinary playground. One adventure that perfectly captures this feeling is feasting on the delightful flavours of dim sum, right in the chaotic comfort of your own kitchen.

With Ding Dong Dim Sum, you can experience the fun of cooking your own, restaurant-quality meal at home, whilst enjoying the rewards of your efforts. We provide everything you'll need for a five-star meal, but there are some other things you can do to make it just that little bit better. We're on a mission to make staying in, like going out. 

Tips to Recreate the Dim Sum Experience at Home

1. Ordering:

Start by browsing our menu of dim sum boxes and individual dim sum dishes. Our set boxes allow you to taste different varieties of dumplings and flavours in one sitting. Get it ordered and wait for the doorbell to ring. 

2. Atmosphere:

It's all about ambience. Light some candles and get a good playlist going. We've taken the liberty of creating one here for you - but feel free to play whatever makes you happy.

3. Dress Code:

The good news is that there isn't one, but don't let that stop you from making an effort! We're here to make staying in like going out, so put on your best jacket or pretty frock and enjoy the occasion!

4. Presentation:

Once your dim sum is cooked, take the time to plate it beautifully. Arrange the dishes on serving platters or in bamboo steamers to recreate the authentic dim sum dining experience. Channel your inner food artist and plate those dumplings and buns like you're auditioning for a cooking show.

Think about additional side dishes in advance, maybe some pak choi or tender stem broccoli, egg fried rice or noodles, just make everything look delicious!

The Main Event

5. Tea Pairing:

No dim sum meal is complete without a pot of fragrant tea. Brew a pot of your favourite tea – whether it's traditional jasmine or soothing oolong – to complement the flavours of your dim sum. Or just grab a beer or your favourite vino.

6. Eating:

This doesn't need much explaining - just grab your forks, chopsticks, fingers - whatever your instrument of choice is and dig in!

7. Sharing:

Dim sum is meant to be enjoyed family-style, so encourage everyone to sample a bit of everything. Pass around the dishes, wrestle for the last gyoza, share embarrassing stories, and savour the experience of dining together.

8. Relaxation:

Finally, sit back, unbutton that top button, and enjoy the comfort of home as you indulge in a feast of dim sum delights. Whether you're dining with family, and friends, or enjoying a quiet evening alone, let the sumptuous flavours transport you to a world of culinary bliss and inevitable food coma. Enjoy the moment, the washing up can wait!

Bringing the Dim Sum Delight Home

So, while dining out will always hold its own charm, there's something undeniably special about eating a meal around your own table, and you can make it as posh as you like.

By bringing the dim sum experience home, you not only enjoy delicious food but also create cherished memories that will last until the next time you need to stuff yourself silly.

Much Love. X