Ding Dong Favourites For Two - Gift Subscription


This is only to be bought by people with a gift subscription voucher - this does not come with steamers, dips or any extras. 

This is a collection of our absolute favourites - if you don't know what to get then get this.

Char siu bun (2)

The classic salty and sweet pork sat inside a

beautifully fluffy bun. (d)

Prawn and pork siu mai (6)

A classic, minced pork and prawns sitting in

little golden parcels.

Pork and chive Japanese Gyoza (4)

These are super tasty - crispy outside with a gorgeous

mince pork filling.

Chicken and vegetable Japanese gyoza (4)

Minced chicken and mixed vegetable filling inside

a crispy pastry. 

Prawn Har Kau (4)

Absolute legends, these little prawn filled, silky

white dumplings are our favorites (they do contain some meat though).  

Spicy tofu and vegetable dumplings (4)

A spicy mixed vegetable and tofu filling, really tasty.

Carrot slaw kit

This is a DIY bit - everything you need to make the perfect Ding Dong slaw.

Carrots, spring onion, chilli and our famous slaw tang. Grater not included!

Sticky rice

This doesn’t need a description so we’ll take

the opportunity to tell you how amazing you are!



With every order we provide a selection of our amazing

dips- all are vegan and all are delicious.

Nutritional and allergen information can be found here.

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