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Just Meat For Four - DIM SUM ONLY

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Did somebody say....Just Meat?!
A Dim Sum box for our carnivore focused friends. Relaunched and revamped to be even more meaty and even more justy! (We know...that's just silly!)

Spicy Beef & Sweet Potato Bun (4)

Spicy Soy braised beef made with sweet potato, onion and noodles!

Purple Chicken Xiaolongbao (soup dumplings) (8)

These delicate little beauties are filled with a tasty creamy chicken soup inside a beetroot skin - seriously tasty! 

Chicken, leek and sweetcorn dumplings (8)

Delicious juicy Chicken and leek handmade dumplings, made with chicken thigh, carrot and sweet sweet sweetcorn.

Lamb and Carrot Dumplings (8)

Juicy flavoursome, lamb, carrot, spring onion and ginger dumplings.

Chicken and vegetable Japanese gyoza (8)

Minced chicken and mixed vegetable

filling inside a crispy pastry. 

Pork and chive Japanese Gyoza (8)

These are super tasty - crispy outside with a gorgeous mince pork filling

Carrot slaw kit

This is a DIY bit - everything you need to make the perfect Ding Dong slaw.

A carrot and our famous slaw tang. Edamame beans are included for the slaw too, or have them as a tasty little pre starter!

Sticky rice

This doesn’t need a description so we’ll take the opportunity to tell you how amazing you Hungry Dumplings are looking today. Keep it up!


With every order we provide a selection of our amazing

dips- all are vegan and all are delicious.

Nutritional and allergen information can be found here.


Just Meat For Four - DIM SUM ONLY
Just Meat For Four - DIM SUM ONLY Sale price£61.00