Pan Fried Buns Selection Pack x 9

Extra Extra!! Read all about it! 
Brand new to the market and flying off the shelves!!
Ladies and gentlemen....please welcome to the Ding Dong Family....our brand new....
Pan-Fried Buns!
Ta da!!!
(And they just happen to be vegan!)


We're so excited to be finally bringing this blooming brilliant selection pack to your shopping basket, eeeeek!

These adorable little buns are the size of a golf ball (but a squished one!) and are either boiled or steamed before being pan fried for an absolutely sublime crispy finish. 

Included in each bag are 9 pan fried buns - 3 of each of our Orange Spicy Chilli, White Pepper, and Pink Hoisin pan fried buns. All buns are vegan and have been expertly crafted to give a deliciously juicy texture and taste. Made with pea, rice and soya protein (amongst other delicous ingredients of course!) these buns have the perfect taste to suit every dim sum fanatic! 

Steam them (or boil them), fry them...devour them! Don't forget to order a steamer if you need one. 

All buns come in one handy resealable pouch. They're super tasty and the perfect thing to keep stocked in the freezer or to compliment your set box.

Embrace the luxury of gourmet dining in the comfort of your home. Order our Vegan Pan Fried Buns today and relish the symphony of flavors they bring with every serving.

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