The Premium Vegan For Two - DIM SUM ONLY


Our new vegan box packed full of amazing and delicious vegan dim sum.
We've been working on our Premium Vegan box for a while and we think you will love it.

 The green vegetable bun (2)

Spinach infused fluffy bun wrapping a load of veggies 

 The purple crystal dumpling (4)

Mixed vegetables inside a delicate purple crystal skin

Mixed vegetable and potato Japanese gyoza (4)

I know what you’re thinking, but the potato makes this amazing, trust us

Shiitake, oyster and cloud ear mushroom

Japanese gyoza (4)

Doesn’t that sound fancy! It’s mixed mushrooms basically, but tasty

Spicy tofu and vegetable dumplings (4)

A spicy mixed vegetable and tofu filling, really tasty

Green vegetable dumplings (6)

Tasty, healthy, good looking, great company,

what’s not to love!

Carrot slaw kit

This is a DIY bit - everything you need to make the perfect Ding Dong slaw.

A carrot and our famous slaw tang. Edamame beans are included for the slaw too, or have them as a tasty little pre starter!

Sticky rice

This doesn’t need a description so we’ll take

the opportunity to tell you how amazing you are! 

With every order we provide a selection of our amazing

dips- all are vegan and all are delicious.

Nutritional and allergen information can be found here.

PLEASE NOTE: This box comes with the option of vegan insulation. If selected, we'll insulate your dim sum with denim instead of wool - just check the box below so we know!

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