BLOG: Ding Dong Date Night

Is the romance lacking in your home? Is a date night long overdue?

Tell us if any of these ring true to you: Money would be better spent on Council Tax than a meal out? You have young scalliwags to raise and can’t get a babysitter? You dream of preparing a restaurant quality meal but can’t even boil an egg? 

We hear you. Sometimes it just sucks to be a grown-up, but we have a cunning plan up our sleeves that will make your relationship/sanity/bank balance not break at the sheer mention of a Friday night date night. 

What to do? 

If you type ‘Dim Sum restaurant near me’ in Google, it might not give you many options, but that’s why we exist! We can bring that restaurant-quality dining experience to your kitchen. Regardless of your skill level, you’ll be able to whip up a tasty meal for two.

Our Dim Sum selection boxes are expertly curated and delivered across the UK, ready for you to stow away in the freezer until the time to devour arrives.  

From Ding Dong Favorites to Surf & Turf, there's a meal kit for every occasion. Each box is packed with a variety of dumplings, gyoza, siu mai, bao buns, sticky rice, salad, and dips, providing a complete and satisfying meal for two. We even throw in a biodegradable steamer in case you haven’t got one of those knocking around. 

Optional Extras: (not sold by us!) 


Fancy napkins

Exotic-looking plates 

And once it’s all prepared, you can pose for a snap, capturing all that love and delicious food, with your two beautiful faces front and center, and post it for all the world (ok, your close-friends) to see, and comment how jealous they are. You’re welcome. 

Happy date night!